2013 Toyota iSt Reviews About Performance and Engine

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2013 Toyota iSt still the most popular car in several countries of Asia and Europe.

Do you still remember the Toyota iSt? Several years ago this small car was the star in several countries.

In the early era of the 2000s Several general importer in the world to reap some state of order profit Toyota iSt. Toyota introduced the first-generation ist at the Tokyo Motor Show 2001. iSt As for the regions of Europe, better known as the Toyota Urban Cruiser. Production was in when it can be said to be in accordance with the plan, Because some of the obstacles encountered. But the situation turned around 180 degrees and flooded with orders for Toyota Urban Cruiser series. Until now the production car is still ongoing and Continues to progress According to current conditions.

Toyota iSt problems, which could be any constraints have been repaired. Even today, the Toyota Urban Cruiser is arguably close to perfect in some parts. In addition, on the interior that has undergone many changes, and has been equipped with the latest safety systems currently. Not only were many of the technologies that have been pinned on the inside the Urban Cruiser.

Toyota iSt Concept currently being developed is also a concern among many observers of the automotive world. iSt teams, innovation, continue to develop the best system for iSt. Because Toyota does not want buyers to feel disappointed with the latest Toyota Urban Cruiser is still in the process of refinement. It is estimated will not take long to release the Urban Cruiser to the market later, and also did not take long to make this best-selling car in the market later. Looking at still enthusiastic fans iSt high current automotive world.

When this Toyota team was to improve the completeness 2013 Toyota iSt. For passengers in the middle that is on the second row seats were head restraint and 3-point safety belt. Of course the new security system is applied more strictly for the safety of the rider inside. Not only that some safety features are also present in the interior of the Toyota iSt. Toyota Urban Cruiser will also be equipped with several other technologies to treat the rider inside.

All models of the iSt will be equipped with safety features such as VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) and TRC (Traction Control). No changes were quite drastic from the engine, chassis, and exterior. The original version of the Toyota iSt the first time out is retained to maintain buyer interest. Since it is possible for a few change can make a fan of these cars left the Urban Cruiser.

With the engines still rely 1NZ-FE 1.5 liter, 4-cylinder, DOHC, which can generates power of 109 hp and 138 Nm of torque has. Can make a fairly rapid pace of Toyota iSt. Accompanied with Super CVT-i transmission to deliver power to the two front wheels (FWD) or all-wheel drive (4WD). Because this series can be selected in two models. It will feel different between FWD and 4WD versions because of the power generated would be different. This is because the diStribution of power to the wheels according to the propulsion system used by Toyota Urban Cruiser.

Toyota iSt price, which is expected to start from the most recent price of ¥ 1.635 million, or $ 20,804.31. Are you interested in having the newest version?

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June 7th, 2012.