All New Ford Ranger 2013 Release Of Date In Several Countries

2013 all new ford ranger wallpaper All New Ford Ranger 2013 Release of Date in Several Countries

All New Ford Ranger 2013 review about the price

All New Ford Ranger 2013 can now be held in European countries, and even Asia was now also begun to receive the products. Ford Ranger own a SUV car with a passenger capacity is large enough. Coupled with a strong engine performance, capable of devouring all the existing fields. The design and appearance of a solid and strong, making it increasingly popular Ford SUV among automotive enthusiasts. In addition, there is a large enough space on the back of the car to accommodate the items you want carried.

At present the All New Ford Ranger 2013 has been officially launched in several European countries, and even Asia. Ford Ranger 2013 will retail for a price ranging $26,688. And price of each car will be tailored to the chosen variant. Since each variant has the advantages of each. Ford SUV of this one was made in several different types of cars. For the sake of fulfilling a desire SUV and off road enthusiasts.

Launch of All New Ford Ranger 2013 is a pretty special moment for Ford and the auto enthusiasts, who have been waiting for the presence of a vehicle that can combine the convenience of quality, reliability, safety, technology, and intelligence. The combination of several elements that make the Ford SUV was able to compete with other SUVs. What’s in it also owned the technology has been developed following the current technology. And the latest designs in use today is the result of revisions before the model is less than perfect. Completion is also done in some parts of the car, including the interior parts of the elements of comfort for the rider and driver.

Before the launch of All New Ford Ranger 2013 conducted in the countries of Europe and Asia, made a test drive first. Test drive is performed also involve some in their respective countries. As director of Ford, mass media, and of course some people are present in the test drive can also feel the toughness of Ford SUVs. Many are giving a thumbs up and praise the performance of the machine used by the Ford Ranger. Even some people also say that the performance of the car owned today is much better than the previous car.

The presence of the All New Ford Ranger 2013 in several countries in Asia is a new thing, to answer the demands was for a vehicle that consumers will rank aspects of quality features. Seeing cars commodities in Asia which is also the world’s car ride abreast. And Asia currently is also an excellent market for the world automobile trade.

All New Ford Ranger 2013 itself was prepared in five different variants, 2.2 L 4 × 4 BASE MT Mid-Power Single Cab ($26,688), 2.2 L 4 × 4 XL Mid-Power MT RAS Cab ($27,738.71), 2.2 L 4 × 4 BASE MT Mid-Power Double cab ($32,519.43), 2.2 L 4 × 4 XLS MT Hi-Power Double Cab ($34,725.92) And 2.2 L 4 × 4 Hi-Power MT XLT double cab ($37,142.55).

In addition, the All New Ford Ranger 2013 is also available in a wide selection of colors, Highlight Silver, Cool White, Black Mica, True Red, Metropolitan Gray, Gunmetal Blue, Copper Red, Sparkling Gold, Orange and Chilli Aurora Blue.

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