Chevrolet Onix 2013 Sedan With All New Capabilities

chevrolet onix 2013 wallpaper Chevrolet Onix 2013 Sedan with All New Capabilities
Chevrolet Onix 2013 ready marketed in South America.

Onix 2013 will electrify the crowd at the event Sao Paolo Motor Show 2012 which will be held from 24 October to 4 November. Chevrolet Onix seeded as a car that has the ability of handling, ergonomics, comfort and design that meets higher standards. With all the new capabilities possessed by Chevrolet Onix 2013, it’s no wonder his performance later will surprise many visitors. With a design that is more aerodynamic and sporty look, of course, will further attract visitors who come to see it.

Chevrolet Onix 2013 built using base architecture global platform owned by General Motors, we predict for the platform that will be used will be derived from Adam Opel. The development of this new Onix by engineering experts from General Motors Design Brazil. For new cars from Chevrolet is more concentrated development in Brazil, because many experts from General Motors who was in Brazil. Of course, knowing the developer of the cars that are being produced we already know the quality that will be generated. Moreover, Chevrolet is one car manufacturer that has always had a good engine performance.

“The Brazilian people love cars, and they are very concerned about the design,” said Carlos Barba, executive director of GM Design South America. “We want always to fulfill what is expected by the customer. And Onix melampuinya, “said Carlos Barba.

Since Onix is very important that, Dan Akerson, who served as CEO and Chairman of General Motors will unveil the Chevrolet Onix in Sao Paolo Motor Show 2012. It is not certain what is meant by a “veil onix”, does that mean a different exterior, or possibly, just the interior, it is possible also on the machine to be owned? But certainly this is the Chevrolet Onix 2013 will be sold in South America. So that resident in the area of South America did not have to wait long to soon have this new car from Chevrolet.

Did not rule out also that the Chevrolet Onix 2013 will be marketed in other regions. As we know today many developing countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and other countries, was ‘fever’ by car yagn cheap and environmentally friendly (low cost and green car). For a small car, Chevrolet Onix fit the criteria will be sought from the less developed countries. However, it is not certain when the Onix will begin to be marketed outside South America. Even now from Chevrolet teams has not released how much the Chevrolet Onix 2013, and by how much variation this engine will be displayed at the event Sao Paolo Motor Show 2012. We are just waiting for the date when the fair will be held, and can instantly view the latest cars that have been being produced by Chevrolet.

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